About us

About us

Who we are?
We are a collaborative team of IT professionals each having their strengths in various fields. Together we design and develop software applications for our clients and suggest 360 degree solutions with a focus to streamline the business of our client.

We strive to make the work of our clients simpler by integrating the technology with their workflow.Over the years , we have transformed ourselves from being ‘Engineers’ to “Solutions Providers” and now we are ripe enough to venture into the new technologies.

We believe in keeping things simple on the surface though howsoever the thing might be complex underneath.

What we do?
We have core proficiency in software development catering mainly to the domestic clients but not limited to them alone. Apart from the domestic clients, we have several international clientele as our partners. Inspired by our clients we constantly try to excel the benchmarks created by us in the past.

In this journey over the couple of years we have developed a few of our own products which in turn help our clients’ better showcase their creations. At the same time with the power of Digital Marketing at our disposal, we are a preferred partner for many of our clients.

As the creation of a single forest is a single acorn, so we shall keeping “Our Values” as our guiding light constantly make ourselves better and stronger for the new challenges to come.

Technical Infrastructure
We believe in keeping the things simple on the surface and for our clients for the simple things have a very adoptability and easily accepted by the general public. As a software development company, we have quite good infrastructure for the development of the softwares.

As of now, we collaboration with our partners for hardware testing in the field of energy management. Slowly and steadily we are inching forward to setup our own lab for testing and building the a complete ecosystem for our clients.